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Still on Multiply?

February 19, 2008

A couple of years back (pre-Facebook-boom), I signed up for a Multiply account, having been recommended this site by a fellow Filipino acquaintance. “A site to share memories & anecdotes” was his pitch, as I recall. At that point in time, I hadn’t realized just how huge a thing it actually was in the Philippines. (Maybe the fact that every random person who added me was Filipino would’ve been clue enough, but hey. What can I say. I must’ve been pretty excited about the whole thing to notice.)

According to figures by Alexa, is currently the 6th most visited site in the Philippines, making up about 29% of its total traffic. Friendster (#1), Yahoo (#2), YouTube (#3) and Google (#4) still dominate the scene. Across social networks, Multiply’s 29% local usage isn’t too far off from Friendster’s 35.1%, while Facebook isn’t even the charts.

So what is Multiply? Well for starters, the site claims to be “the best way to share everything” – from all kinds of digital media, including photos, blogs, videos, music & more. Everything would essentially be on your own personal web space & you could share & discuss your stuff with everyone in your “social network,” while being constantly alerted with updates. So my page looked pretty much like this:


But when Facebook emerged, I up & hopped on the hype & got on there, & have been there since. Photos, blogs, videos, music & more. They just went & did it now, didn’t they? I’ve been constantly baffled at the amount things we can do with it. With all the things we could do on Facebook, I say we could practically live there.

Might I add, I haven’t touched Multiply since.

So my issue here is: Has the Multiply hype died down since? ‘Cos it sure has for me.

The Friendster Capital of the World

February 15, 2008

The bulk of the users of major social networks is mainly determined by the geographical location of their users. MySpace is popular in the States, Orkut in Brazil, Xiao Nei in China and the list goes on. In the Philippines, it’s Friendster. I remember that a few years ago, there were ads in the local papers of Friendster profiles to invite others to add them as a friend. Despite the recent rise of Facebook, I don’t think Filipinos have fully migrated to Facebook because most of their contacts are still in Friendster.

Here’s a clip from YouTube talking about the Friendster’s popularity in the Philippines.